When it comes to people’s diets, there are food preferences, food allergies and food intolerances; the latter two are often confused. Here’s the breakdown:

Food preference

This is when someone chooses a certain diet, e.g. paleo, vegan, etc.

Food intolerance

This is quite common and happens when the body isn’t able to properly digest a certain food and it makes you feel unwell. A food intolerance is not life threatening but can still make you feel awful.

Food allergy

A genuine food allergy is probably rarer than you might think and quite serious. A food allergy happens when your body mistakes a food or substance for a harmful threat and triggers an immune system response. This reaction can be extremely severe and requires immediate medical attention.

It can be frustrating not knowing in advance what you might be able to order from a menu when you have food allergies and you’re dining out. We understand and empathise with you, and we want you to feel safe and not restricted by our menu. At Lone Star, you’ll find plenty of options. Check out our menu to see which meals cater to your specific needs. Here’s what to look out for:

  • DF       dairy free
  • DFO    dairy free option available
  • GF       gluten free
  • GFO    gluten free option available
  • VO       vegetarian option available

Almost everything on our menu is either gluten free, dairy free, both or has the option to be adapted to suit your needs. If you’re dining with us and have a dietary request, let our team know what that is when you arrive so we can get creative in the kitchen making something you’ll love.