With all the excitement of the Great Britain/Ireland rugby tour happening up and down New Zealand in June and July, you’re going to need some hearty meals to keep your energy up. There’s no better place for that than Lone Star.

With 27 locations, you’ll find us just about everywhere in New Zealand so if you’re following the tour, you can be sure of a good time, a good meal and a nice cold Kiwi beer wherever you are.

We’re famous for our generous portions and some of the dishes on our menu, such as the Lassoo of Hog, Dixie Chicken and the iconic Redneck Ribs, have been there since we first opened way back in the late 1980s.

It's not only the size of the meals that are memorable the service is legendary too. From the moment you enter any of our restaurants and are welcomed by our friendly staff, we strive to give you a fantastic fun filled night and outstanding food created from the best and freshest ingredients, offering value for your hard earned money.