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Become part of the legend! 

Working at Lone Star is more than flexible hours and competitive pay from a stable employer 30-years proven. It’s the chance to serve up great memories for others. That’s why we do it. Could you do it too? Become part of the Lone Star legend. 

We’re looking for permanent and part-time staff all across New Zealand. You’ll find all the must-haves working at Lone Star: competitive pay, flexible hours and career progression opportunities. Our guests come to us for good food and great memories, and we love being able to serve that up every time they visit. Apply now.

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Johnny Phillips has spent 31 years as a chef at Lone Star. 
His stand out memories  include cooking on the Good morning Show on TV1 for Lone Star in 2006 and hitting the 500 pax mark on New Year's Day 1994 Queenstown Lone Star! A real legend!
What does he love about the job? 'The different daily challenges and I love meeting new people all the time. It's great being able to work in different sites and cities'

What would I say to someone thinking of joining LSF - Enjoy the ride it's a great career opportunity!
Johnny is pictured here on the right, back in the good old days of Lone Star Queenstown where he was head chef from 1991 - 2003!