Dixie Chicken Burger

28 May 2021
You can order your Dixie Chicken Burger with Fries for $26.50 in-store OR as a takeaway option!

Like all our chicken, it's 100% Free Range, of course...

Poached Chicken breast served in an artisan sourdough bun, with fresh lettuce and our famous Lone Star coleslaw. 
Pick it up and dip it in a bowl of our classic Dixie Sauce: white wine, garlic, spring onion, fresh herbs, corn and carrots – in case you need a reminder!
Tell your friends, tell your family... but it comes with a warning – it is very messy!
Limited time only, enjoy it while you can.

Please note, item not available through third party delivery providers, e.g. Ubereats. 

Available until the 5th of July 2021. 

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