Privacy Policy


Lone Star Restaurants are fun, unpretentious places serving up honest mouth-watering food. Here at Lone Star, we’re committed to providing you with friendly heartfelt service and a memorable experience.

This Privacy Policy is about how we make that experience even better. We had a good read of the New Zealand Privacy Act and we think we can look after you and your personal information. This policy tells you how we are going to do just that.

Who are we?

We are Lone Star Café and Bar Franchise Limited (“we, us or our”). This policy also covers our franchisees. At the end of this policy, you’ll find some contact information for us and our privacy officer.  If you have any questions, comments, or need some help with your personal information, then just give us a holler!


What is this policy about?

This policy applies to the personal information we collect about you in any way including on, the Lone Star Loyal App,,, and any other social media platform or internet site used or authorised by us. 

If you’re using, downloading or engaging with us, then you agree to this Privacy Policy (so it’s a good idea to have a read).  Be sure to check this page periodically for updates, as your continued use of our website, any other social media platform, and/or participation in any of our campaigns or promotions tells us you agree to any changed terms.

Looking after the young folk

Our website and social media pages are not for children under the age of thirteen, and we don’t knowingly collect any personal information from children under the age of thirteen. If you’re between the ages of 13 and 18, please ensure that your use of this website or our social media pages is with the permission of a parent or guardian. If a child under 13 provides personal information, we do ask that a parent or guardian contact us (see our contact details below), and we’ll promptly delete that young whippersnapper’s information from our records.

Collection of Personal Information

We’re only collecting the personal information we need to do our job for you.  It’s got to be relevant and fair and lawful (cos we know if you fight the law, the law will win!). 

What are we collecting from you?  Any personal information you tell us.  We might ask for specific information such as your name, contact details and date of your birthday.  We’ll let you know if you have to tell us the information or if it is optional.

We will not collect, hold, use or disclose your personal information other than for the purpose for which it was collected, for a purpose which is reasonably apparent at the time we collect it or as otherwise required or specifically permitted by law.

We might collect your information as part of a promotion, campaign, marketing, or account registration, or we might collect your information from online pages, or surveys, or submissions you make through our website or social media.  If you tag us online – we’ll be collecting your information. If you’re just doing the plain old-fashioned thing and checking into one of our restaurants and signing up for anything (even a booking), we’ll be collecting your personal information. 

Sometimes other people might tell us something about you – say if you reserve a table through another party (eg Restaurant Hub) or you order some food through someone else (like Uber).  We’ll look after that information like we collected it ourselves and if something comes in that has nothing to do with us, we will get rid of it!

When we collect personal information or hold personal information, we’ll hold onto it electronically through our business address (see those contact details below) and we’ll make sure it’s only accessible by our employees and authorised contractors – we make them promise us to keep it confidential. 

You always have a right to request access to your personal information and to request correction of your personal information.  We love it when you update your details, so just tell us if something changes for you.  Down below you’ll see how to contact us.

Gift Cards

Our gift cards are organised by another company.  While we think they do a mighty fine job for us, they are responsible for looking after your personal information when you buy a gift card so we recommend you check out their privacy policy.

Site Uses and “Cookies”

We may gather traffic patterns into our website or other platforms (that includes collecting the name of the domain in which you accessed the internet; the date and time you accessed the website; and the internet address of the website from which you directly linked to the website, usage information, purchasing behaviour and such like).  

Most of the time this is anonymous but just know that we may identify you if necessary and we may associate it with other personal information that we collect from you.   And we may share anonymous and/or aggregated statistics with others outside our company.

We use “cookies”. Mmm cookies… No the other ones, the small text files placed onto your browser.  These days they’re found far and wide, helping people get around websites with a minimum of fuss, and providing that information described above. 

Why do we do this?  Because we want to:

  • provide you with information custom-tailored just for you
  • remember information you gave to us, so you don’t have to re-enter it each time
  • get people to join us, enter our competitions, and get involved with our promotions
  • see how our marketing campaigns are going
  • check out the number of people visiting our site and see how they use it, and which pages and activities take their fancy
  • make sure downloads for on-line coupons and other similar offers are all managed properly and good to go

Social media information

We love hearing from you on social media.  When you follow or like our social media channels or when you like, comment on, share or otherwise interact with any posts or other content on our social media channels, then we collect that information. This includes your name, profile information, profile picture and anything else you want to tell us.

Be aware that the information you make available may be controlled through the settings for your account on the relevant social media platform – so best you always check out the privacy policies of those platforms. 

The reason why it’s fine and dandy for us to collect information in this is way is because our social media channels are all public and everything you share on our posts can be seen by everyone else.  We recommend you don’t share any personal, confidential or sensitive information when posting on any of our social media channels, and we expect you to be good and law-abiding and kind.  If we don’t like what you have to say – we will take it down.

Use of Information

Like we said before, we use personal information to do our job for you.  Personal information may be combined with other information and it may be used or disclosed to third parties by us (including our franchisees and trusted/authorised suppliers) but only to do our job.  This sort of thing includes:

  • enhancing your enjoyment of our restaurants and our sites
  • providing you with information and/or services, like our renowned Lone Star Loyal programme, plus things like franchise information, new products and services, campaigns and competitions, surveys and other marketing stuff
  • undertaking campaigns, promotions and services

We have some key contractors who support us in our work, and we share information with them.  They are:  Mint Design Limited, Facebook, Instagram and Punchh (no we have not misspelt that last one:  Punchh is a loyalty programme for restaurants). 

We may from time to time use your information, and sometimes with the assistance of a trusted contractor, to implement and evaluate our marketing activities and programs and to personalise/target some advertising and opportunities through third party websites (such as Facebook or Google) or other online or offline services operated by third parties. 

We may share personal information with related companies in our group who we expect to look after your information the way we do.

We may also share personal information:

  • if required by law (no surprises there)
  • if necessary, to investigate any breach of our Terms of Use or breach of conditions of our programmes
  • if you authorise us to do so
  • if we need to disclose information to prevent harm to you or someone else
  • in the event of a transfer or sale of some or all of our business or assets.  We will only disclose personal information to people who need to know such as a prospective buyer, and we will require a confidentiality agreement with them

We do not disclose personal information out of New Zealand unless it’s allowed under this policy and only in accordance with the New Zealand Privacy Act.

Opting Out

We love letting you know about what is going on at the Lone Star, including those great-value specials.  But if you don’t want these emails, we have an “unsubscribe” option at the end of each email. 

If you need to cancel out of anything else, including the Lone Star Loyal app then contact us (see below) and let us know you want your personal information deleted.  We’ll do that as quick as we can, though some of our electronic systems may take just a wee while to catch up.  If you have any concerns – follow this up with an email to us. 

We may retain some information for legal/business reasons – we’ll keep this in a separate system and make sure it’s only accessed for those purposes.

Security of your information

We look after your information in a secure environment, and we take all reasonable steps to prevent loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure or other misuse. 

Sad to say, no data transmission over the internet or information stored on servers accessible through the internet can be guaranteed to be fully secure.  If you send us information via email or the internet, or we email or communicate with you via the internet that is at your own risk.

That said, we’re all in this together to beat cybercrime varmints.  So, if you’ve got to thinking that any of your accounts have been compromised, please let us know straight away. We’ll work with you to ensure any system breach is fixed including removing credit card, Lone Star gift card or other payment information.

Lone Star is committed to privacy security but if there’s a privacy breach of our systems we will investigate and contain the breach where possible.  If we believe that breach has caused or is likely to cause serious harm, we will notify the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and work with the Commissioner to address the breach.  This may include letting affected people know if required.


We rely on you to give us information about you that is complete, accurate, up to date, relevant and not misleading. We may need to check your personal information but if we all keep it honest everyone’s going to get along just fine. You’ll find the way to change/update your information further below. 

Accessing, Correcting, or Updating your Information

If you want to check your personal information, you’re more than welcome to do it.  We have a mighty good process in place to give you access to your personal information if you want to see it.  Give us a holler (see below).

If there’s any change to your personal information, we’d sure appreciate you updating it.  Contact us using the details below. We’ll update our records as quick as we can - within 20 working days if possible - though sometimes those electronic systems can take just a whisker longer. Changes that you make directly into our systems may not immediately change our current use of your personal information, especially if there’s active marketing or another program in place.  Bear with us and please follow up if you have any concerns.

Contact Details

If you’re writing to us about anything in this policy, then start with “Howdy Privacy Officer…” (you don’t have to write “howdy” if you don’t want to…).

This is us:

Lone Star Cafe and Bar Franchise Limited (NZCN 621582)

2-6 Southwark Street, Christchurch, PO Box 40032, Christchurch 8140

Phone: 03 374 3208


We love to hear feedback, drop us a line and we'll be in touch.