East Rock meets Wild West

East Rock are a fourth-generation family fishing business that since the 1920s, have been harvesting our world-famous Tarakihi from the pristine waters of pacific off the coast of Gisborne. 

East Rock are proud that this wonderful fish is being harvested sustainably, so we can go on enjoying it long into the future.

And now Lone Star Franchise are thrilled to announce that we have been lucky enough to be able to source a supply of this world-famous Tarakihi for use in all our fish offerings, at our cafes, all around New Zealand.

It's a great fit for both of us because like at Lone Star, love, care and generosity are at the heart of everything East Rock does. Small catches, means the Tarahiki can be chilled rapidly (not frozen) as soon as it is caught. So it can be packed and dispatched fresh on the same day to our cafes and on to our guests’ plate. How cool is that? 

Heck, if you want we can even give you the name of the guy/girl that caught the Tarahiki that you’re eating. That’s for Real!

East Rock Tarakihi is - Delicate in taste but firm to the bite.

Remember this is not just any other fish, not just Tarahiki, but world-famous premium East Rock Gisborne Tarakihi -Voted Gold medalist and Category Champions in the NZ Outstanding Food Producers Awards 2019. 

Try it and you’ll be as convinced as we are that this world-famous product is a dining experience that you'll want to experience over and over.