Position Details

Northern Region Operations Co-ordinator

  • Whangarei, Whangarei
  • Full-time
  • Listed Jul 20, 2021

Full Description
The role of LSF Ltd is to monitor and administer all business under its banner to ensure that our product is delivered as we determine and as it is outlined in our contracts and manuals. LSF are also the research and development vehicles for the Lone Star Group continuously looking to improve and fine tune our product i.e. food, service and atmosphere.

Purpose of Job

1. To review and manage franchisee - customer communication (including complaints)
2. To complete any conference, travel, or project work for LSF office when necessary
3. To assist in any office administration or customer service required
4. To support and assist all Franchisees when necessary and ensure a positive working relationship exists between Franchisor and Franchisee

Education/Experience Necessary

• At least 2 years working in hospitality in a management capacity
• Basic computer skills and experience (Microsoft office programs)
• Current drivers licence
• Experience working for Lone Star in a Managers Position - beneficial
• Relevant tertiary qualifications – beneficial. For e.g: Management, Business Administration, Hospitality Management, etc

Primary Job Roles and Tasks

Contact Enquiries - LS
Tasks and Expected Results
• Check the contact enquiries inbox
• Read all emails and respond immediately
• Forward complaints or positive feedback emails to Directors, National Operations Manager and specific franchisees
• Forward all other emails to the relevant LSF Office staff member
• Within 48 hours email back those guests who have made complaint emails with the standard response to ensure they have been satisfied with franchisee responses/solutions
• Take the complainants responses and rectify any situations where complainants are not satisfied with franchisee responses. This is done by directing the franchisee to the path of action they need to take, or by taking over the complaint’s resolution process.
• Forward all such communication to National Operations Manager

Brand Standard Site Visits – LS
Tasks and Expected Results
• Review incoming reports
• Support Operations Manager in conducting BSV when needed
• Support Franchisees to achieve their action plans when on site

Weekly Figures – LS
Tasks and Expected Results
• Every Monday view weekly sales report numbers
• Highlight Lone Star’s underperforming on sales. Look to reach out to support were needed
• Highlight Lone Star’s performing on sales. Reach out to congratulate them

Site Visits - LS
Tasks and Expected Results
• Ensure the expectations of both parties (franchisee & franchisor) are communicated prior to the visit and carried out accordingly
• To introduce any directives from LSF to the franchisee as required - including any updates to the Operations Manual
• To help franchisees measure and manage the drivers of profitability in their businesses in specialized areas i.e. – rostering hours, advancement and payment structure.
• Conduct a comprehensive site visit covering all areas including; Service, Human Resources, training & assessment, marketing etc
• To have a sit-down dining experience
• At all times over duration of site visit (i.e. transit to and from and during time of visit) you are to behave as a professional representative of LSF
• To write site visit reports in within 24 hours
• To have site visit reports proofed and approved by the Operations Manager
• To email reports (no later than 7 days after visit is conducted) and conduct follow up phone calls regarding the report
• To ensure improvement steps identified as necessary from the visits and reports are actioned
• Strive to further develop and improve the structure, timing and content of site visits in accordance with both franchisee feedback and LSF requirements.
• To build and maintain positive working relationships between franchisor and franchisee and encourage communication and co-operation
• To ensure that all branches are utilizing and adhering to the LSF Operations Manuals and all systems contained within
• To use and refer to the Manuals in site visits and all communications with Branches

Franchisee Assistance - LS
Tasks and Expected Results
• To take site assistance requests and respond within 24 hours
• To assist franchisees with their queries, or direct them to the correct LSF Office staff member
• If require a site visit, ensure your availability and organise travel to be arranged, in most cost effective and time efficient manner
• To work as required by the franchisee in one of two roles:
o One: to work during service in any role requested/necessary
o Two: to work on the business with the Franchisee/Manager in any area necessary
Job Requirements

Person Specification/Key Competencies


Communication: Able to clearly convey information and ideas through spoken word, body language and written word in a way that engages people and helps them understand and retain the message. Able to listen and understand others communication

Extraversion: Enjoys human interaction and is enthusiastic, talkative, assertive, and gregarious. Takes pleasure in activities that involve large social gatherings and finds less reward in time spent alone

Self Organisation/Planning: Establish courses of action for self and others to ensure that work is completed efficiently is systems oriented

Conscientiousness/Work Standards: Demonstrates a strong work ethic, energy for work and commitment to finishing what is started, according to the work processes and standards in place. Sets high standards of performance for self and others

Information Monitoring: Setting up ongoing procedures to collect and review information necessary to manage projects or an organisation

Following Orders, Procedures & Instruction: Appropriately follows instructions, procedures and policies set by others without challenging authority. Keeps to schedules and is punctual.

Flexibility/Adaptability: Maintaining effectiveness when experiencing changes in work tasks or the work environment; adjusting effectively to new work structures, processes, or requirements or to work within a new culture.

Persuasion/Influence: Gains clear agreement and commitment from others by persuading, negotiating, convincing or leading by example.

Persistence/Resilience: The ability to persevere with an issue or a problem until the matter is settled or the objective is not longer reasonably attainable.

Training: The ability to effectively teach and show other’s how to perform a job.


Customer Service: Making customers and their needs a primary focus of one’s actions; developing and sustaining productive customer relationships

Hospitality Industry: Knowledge and Experience: Has a strong level of experience in or knowledge of hospitality

Computer skills: Has an intermediate level of knowledge of using computers

Sales Knowledge/experience: Has a good level of knowledge of sales and how to up-sell well to customers

Commercial Acumen: Has a broad understanding of business and the business environment in which the business operates. Understanding such things as the economic and political influences, as well as the core areas of business being finance, marketing, operations and human resources.


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